The Team


The man that started it all.
Doug has turned wrenches for a lifetime, starting out in his backyard in the early 60’s when a local dealership put an ad out for a mechanic - Doug was their answer. Doug and his family decided to head West seeking warmer temps, after entering the independent aspect of the VW world Doug decided to open his own shop in 1987 – Doug’s Buggs –N- Bunnies was born. From the time he opened the doors until the day he sold the to shop to Fish, Doug was and is incredibly knowledgeable about VW, the community and will always stand as a pillar.


Head Honcho
Fish has been in and around the VW word for countless years – he got his start at DB&B as a customer. In 1994 after spending hours/days at the shop Doug took Fish under his wing and put him to work! Since then Fish has become a highly regarded performance engine builder, mechanic and most recently shop owner – with a true understanding of this community as well as customer service.


The real boss
Rebecca is our all-around office/shop
controller. She brings several years’ experience in operations, business management/development, staffing etc… She is looking forward to a bright future at DBNB.


Eye Candy
Michael is our front end manager and an asset to our team. He brings to the table several years experience as a VW enthusiast as well as years experience with VW dealerships and independent shops in New Mexico. Michael has endless knowledge of anything VW – air-cooled, water-cooled, sand rail – you name it, he will find it – parts, service etc…


Tire Pressure Checker
Ian has been part of the DB&B family for the past several years (nearly a decade). Joining the team as an enthusiast much as Fish did – over the past several years Ian has trained under well-respected VW mechanics, learning the trade and becoming very successful at his craft. In his spare time Ian overcame quite a challenge of taking one of the least likely car to become a drift car and conquered – building a 1971 VW full-on drifter.


Rob is the most unlikely member of the DB&B family - former front man of Heavy Metal band Exodus. Rob brings great enthusiasm and an array of experience once having driven an early Baja from California to New York. Rob relocated to Arizona, looking to “slow down” ending up at DB&B in the same manner as most. Rob came to the shop as an interested customer, quickly fit right into the “family” and is now turning wrenches with the best of them.


Seat Cushion Inspector
Lyle spent several years serving the VW community, by the way of parts/counter person at BAP imports parts. Lyle is also a VW enthusiast – he has built several VW’s throughout the years & continues to drive, test and tune them. His parts knowledge not only stems from years in the industry but also from owning/operating them.


New Guy
Adin Dean, a new addition to DBNB – brings several years’ experience as well as ASE Certification. He has turned wrenches on imports as well as domestics, fully restored several vehicles and is looking forward to getting your VW running in top notch order.

About Doug’s

Since 1987 Doug’s Buggs and Bunnies (DB&B) has been performing service on all types of VW’s. Doug’s has always been loyal to the VW and its enthusiasts.

To understand what makes DB&B the shop it is today we have to go back to late 60’s Indiana - Doug had been turning wrenches on VW’s in his backyard when the local VW dealership placed an ad for a mechanic. While at the dealership, Doug was taught the in’s and outs of the air-cooled as well as the emerging new water-cooled VW’s.
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